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We are a creative studio that develops immersive experiences in digital environments for brands. We use technological innovations to let users dive in completely new worlds. Combined with gamification and storytelling, we create emotional brand experiences for presentations, events, showrooms or any mobile device.

Current Projects

Kristallsuche mit Madlaina

Educational children's game with Gian & Giachen

The famous Grisons ibexes Gian & Giachen lose a valuable rainbow crystal. On behalf of the ibexes, the marmot Madlaina dives into a colorful game world. In the children's game for smartphones and tablets, she travels on the Rhaetian Railway to Arosa, Davos Klosters, Val Surses and the Surselva to find this crystal again. Thanks to educational elements, the game also creates added value for parents. Kids collect the game's typical Bätzeli, which they use to unlock animals and plants of the Grisons Alps and learn lots of exciting things about them in the process.

Download for free: iPhone & iPad | Android

Awarded at Best of Swiss Apps
Silver in Design & Bronze in User Engagement

Designed and developed for Graubünden Ferien in close collaboration with WIRZ.

EDUTAINMENT | mobile game

Swisscom Beat Catcher

Interactive music game at the festivals

Swisscom is a partner of the biggest festivals in Switzerland. The giant blueSpace awaits in their booth. On the inside of the cube, we play the specially designed music game Beat Catcher on 27 square meters of LED screen. In pairs, the aim is to score perfectly to the rhythm of the song. It's not easy: the screen is huge, the controllers are operated with your feet and there are 4 different songs to choose from. Whoever manages as many combos as possible together leads the leaderboard.

Developed for Swisscom in collaboration with JEFF.


Rivella Fläschli Jagd (Bottle Hunt)

Interactive mixed reality game throughout Switzerland
Fläschli Jagd is a map-based mobile game in which Switzerland becomes the playing ground. The task: Collect virtual Fläschli (bottles) in augmented reality and use them to fill crates. During the whole winter season, thousands of interaction points can be visited in all ski resorts and urban areas to win instant prizes or even a chalet for the whole season.

Awarded at Best of Swiss Apps 2022
Gold in Engagement, Bronze in Campaigns

Idea, concept & realisation by us. 



Getting students excited about life sciences
The SchoolHub in the pavilion on the new Novartis Campus is a school laboratory of the future for interactive knowledge transfer. Secondary school students experience the fascination of medicine and STEM professions in an innovative way. Using augmented reality, they independently immerse themselves in the world of life sciences and bring up to six organs to life. Complex content is conveyed in a target group-oriented way with interactions and quizzes. In video portraits, scientists talk about their exciting everyday lives.

Awarded at Best of Swiss Apps
Silver in Innovation, Bronze in Extended Reality (AR), Bronze in Functionality.

Developed for Aprentas in close collaboration with Bellprat Partner.


AR + Art + Tour = ARTour Basel

Experience AR artwork in Basel as a tour
The ARTour Basel is a journey between the digital and the real world, which makes art experienceable in a new and innovative way. Thanks to augmented reality, public and free of charge, in the middle of Basel. It democratizes art and offers unconventional access to a younger audience. For Roche's 125th anniversary, ten artists have each created a digital work on the theme of "Celebrate Life". The tour is a gift from Roche to the city of Basel.

Information and free download at https://artour.basel.com   

Awarded at Best of Swiss Apps 2022
Silver in Campaigns, Bronze in Design 

Developed in collaboration with JEFF.

Rivella webAR Experience

Experience a virtual alpine world out of the bottle
The Swiss cult drink is breaking new ground in brand experience: experience the world of Rivella Refresh directly on the OOH poster or on the sampling bottle in augmented reality. Via webAR, a virtual alpine world with a Rivella bottle on a paraglider grows out of the label. Three paraglider tricks explain the product benefits of Rivella Refresh to consumers in a creative, interactive way: natural, with 40% less sugar and light in taste.


Verkehrshaus in Lucerne

Experience hydrogen mobility in a playful way
Already a highlight in the Road Transport Hall: How do you show children in a playful way how simple the basic principle of hydrogen works as the fuel of the future? By letting them "pound" water molecules with their feet on an interactive play area they can split the molecules into their individual parts. The resulting climate-neutral hydrogen flies to the filling station and refuels one of four types of vehicles.

Designed and developed for Avenergy on behalf of Quade & Zurfluh. 

Edutainment | exhibition installation

Snowsted Royale

Epic Snowball Battles on Your Smartphone
We published our first own game: Snowsted Royale - 2D Shooter, the name says it all. Childhood dreams come true: With big snowball weapons you battle against other players in various multiplayer game modes at the most exclusive locations in the world.And the first map has it all: The White House in Washington, D.C. - Trump can't be missing, of course.  Everything lovingly illustrated by hand in watercolor.


Mini-Game Luzerner Rahmkäse

Geschicklichkeitsspiel für Browser & Promos am POS
Lucerne cream cheese is so mild because the milk comes from happy cows. The game principle is correspondingly simple: Let up to the cow what is good for her and block all disturbing factors such as flying or aircraft noise from her. This way she will give the best milk for many days or weeks. The cow game is used at the promo stand with buzzers and a large screen, but can also be played on mobile or desktop.

Try the promotion game (FR or DE only)

Designed and developed for Emmi on behalf of USP Partner


MB 4U Kids

Creative entertainment for childen at Mercedes dealers

Whether 3 or 13 years: Every visit to a dealer becomes an experience and parents can finally take their children with them without any worries. The older ones create their own race track on the game board, scan it via augmented reality and then race for victory in a complete racing game. The younger ones paint, spray and apply stickers to cars and experience a nice adventure with their decorated cars. Highlight: The car is then available to take home thanks to the crafting sheet printing function.

Awarded at Best of Swiss Apps
Gold in AR, Gold in UX/Usability
Silver in Innovation, Silver in Functionality

Developed in co-creation with JEFF.

augmented reality | entertainment game

Kids Car Designer

App for children with creative cut-out sheet function

For the children because of Corona: the new painting and crafting app from Mercedes-Benz brings a little joy and creativity back into the children's rooms: paint cars, decorate them with glitter and stickers and then send them as cut-out sheets by e-mail. Print it, cut it out and craft together. Available in four languages: German, French, English and Italian.

Download for free at the Apple App Store (iPad only) 

Designed and developed in collaboration with JEFF.


The service station of the future

Experience the winners "petrol" station in Augmented Reality

Immer in Bewegung (Always in motion), a campaign of the Swiss Oil Association, announced a challenging design competition: What could the service station of the distant future look like? The winners will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2019. The winning project will literally be the centre of attraction: a physical architectural model will be presented in the middle of the stand. In the heart of this model, visitors will discover winning filling station of the future in augmented reality using tablets. Designed and developed for Quade & Zurfluh.


PostLogistics Event

Augmented Reality scavenger hunt on six future topics

For this event, the management team of Swiss parcel distributor PostLogistics was given the task to deliver parcels and meanwhile to deal with its own future. An interactive storytelling app links the locations and ensures vivid interaction within the groups. Each group receives a parcel and takes a look inside it by using the AR app without opening it. Playfully implemented animations teaser the far future of each topic and thus the next workshop topic. Gamification elements animate the groups to answer the quiz questions correctly and thus obtain the next hints, which are distributed throughout the whole area.

Designed and developed for Post Logistics in collaboration with Fabritastika.


UPC VR Armchair

Virtual reality experience in the sky high above Zurich

Have a seat and take off: Following the motto "Off to Entertainment Heaven", the virtual reality experience for UPC at the Zurich Film Festival starts comfortably in a virtual living room and then boosts you through the roof into sky. Thanks to the full-motion armchair, you literally lose your grip on the ground. Using a remote control, the user steers high above the clouds to huge, floating TV screens and tries to memorize blockbuster videos. But high level of concentration is needed, because the breathtaking view over the Alps and the greater Zurich area is tempting. In addition, air planes or a dragon rushing by try to distract the viewer with audio-visual signals. 

Developed in close cooperation with JEFF.


MINI AR Race Game

Fast-paced augmented reality game for four simultaneous players

For famous British carmaker MINI, we developed one of the world's first augmented reality games with multiplayer functionality for up to four players. The game principle is quite simple: Choose one of four virtual MINI vehicles and start playing on the real table in Union Jack look. Whoever holds the MINI symbol for 10 seconds wins a point. If you are touched by others, you lose it. The game focuses is on fun while driving combined with innovative technology, just like MINI. Installed at Man's World Exhibition and Forward Festival.



Immersive Storytelling-Game

ewz-on allows users to interactively experience the history of the electrification of the city of Zurich. The app immerses users in the most important six epochs, each with its own game, infotainment section and challenging competition. On a interactive journey, the players illuminate the first roads back in 1892, build dams in the Graubünden area, deal with the solar production of the future and, as a highlight, turn off the entire festive lighting of the city of Zurich via the app. Awarded 2 x Gold at the Best of Swiss Apps Awards. 

Awarded at Best of Swiss Apps
Gold in Campaigns, Gold in Games

Best of Swiss Apps 2017

Developed in close cooperation with JEFF.


Zürcher Kantonalbank

3D-Mapviewer to illustrate the distribution of profits to the municipalities of the Canton of Zurich

The installation "Profit Distribution 2017" shows in an appealing way how the citizens of the Canton of Zurich benefit directly and indirectly from the profits of the Kantonalbank. The infotainment cube "Communities" lets the users fly all over the communities in a bird's eye view and thus creates a subtle personal reference to their own community and the amount distributed there. 

Developed in collaboration with JEFF.


smart Illuminarium

A dreamy interactive story on a giant screen

In winter 2017, Illuminarium, a wonderful winter light festival, shined for the first time in the inner courtyard of Landesmuseum (National Museum) in Zurich for 45 days. The main theme was innovation and interaction in lighting. For presenting partner smart, we have created an imaginative, interactive story on a huge 350m2 screen in the inner courtyard. The highlight: Sitting in a real smart fortwo, one could subtly interact within the winter fantasy world by steering one of the balloons on the wall by using the accelerator pedal and steering wheel as a controller. 

Developed in cooperation with Projektil, Miteinander and JEFF.



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Art Director

We are a "bunch of geeks" and combine years of experience in marketing, networking, programming, app development, game mechanics and design. We rely on agile project management and full transparency during the development process. For the best solution, we enjoy breaking new ground and prefer to be at the edge of what's technically possible. We also develop our own software systems for this purpose. We focus on high quality, intuitive user guidance and visual aesthetics.

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